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Project Sravanam

In November 2010 GLOW organization launched Sravan Project to help economically poor children suffering from hearing related problems. The hearing impaired often suffer humiliation and ridicule due to lack of understanding on the part of the general public. This is a disability which evokes more laughter than sympathy, unlike people otherwise challenged. It is a known fact that a child's growth and development is intrinsically linked to sight and sounds. The loss of hearing directly impacts the child's speech compounding the problem and paving the way for an additional disability of loss of speech. Our focus on young children is to yield a twofold benefit of hearing and speech development and make them part of a productive society.
Every year, more than 2500 children are born totally deaf in the state of Andhra Pradesh alone. Apart from this there are children suffering from several other hearing related problems which if not treated at an early stage, lead to total loss of hearing. It is not possible for this problem to be tackled by government agencies alone. Organizations like GLOW are the only rescue for thousands in need of help.

GLOW seeks to identify hearing impaired children mainly in rural areas, little or no access to modern medical treatment.

GLOW now steps into the Sravan Project with greater confidence and the determination to do much more.

Sravan Project Further aims to :

Organize periodic awareness programs for the general public, school teachers and school children.
Conduct periodical check-up programs for the benefit of children belonging to poor socio economic community.
Tie-up with other Government and Non-Government organizations to improve public awareness and to minimize the social abuse to children suffering from hearing problems.
Conduct any other activities to bring about public awareness and to help these children medically, socially and financially.
Raise funds from all possible and available sources to help the children for their treatment.
Conduct neonatal screening to detect hearing impairment in infants.
Provide infrastructure to conduct research and offer treatment for all hearing related problems.
Over All View Of Hearing Disability
Precautions to be taken Before Pregnancy
Mile Stones After Child Birth
We Will Assit U In New Born Screenings
Over All View Of Hearing Disability
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