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GLOW is a non-profitable & non - religious voluntary service organization. It has been functioning since 1997 and registered under the provisions of Andhra Pradesh Public Societies Registration Act 1350 Fasli (Act 1 of 1350 F). GLOW is founded in the name of Dr. Sardar Gouthu Latchanna, who is a freedom fighter and veteran leader who's entire life is dedicated to the development of weaker sections.


Our goal is to create a self reliant and self sustainable community. GLOW aim is to enhancement of people's quality life in urban and rural community. GLOW promotes social quality and social justice in the provisions serving the needy,labour class,down farmers, down trodden and walks of life. It believes in people and works with back-ward, weaker sections and less privileged sections of the people in the society.

The Mission Statement

Enhancement of the people's quality life in rural and urban community particularly among the poor and under privileged sections of the society like, Children for their healthy personality development, development of poor women in health and income generating activities through formation of self help groups and adopting Family welfare planning programs and finally to take care of the poor elderly people through undertaking welfare programs of the elderly like Day Care Centers and Homes for the Senior Citizens..

Our on Going Activities

Women Oriented Activities Women in general constitute the most vulnerable segment of society prone to poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, disease and ill-health. Largely poor women bear the burnt of poverty and deprivation. In order to break the barriers, GLOW has implementing the following activities.

Awareness in gender on social issues.
Formation of Self-Help Groups.
Capacity building to Self-Help Group women.
Small savings and Income Generation.
Blood Donation Program GLOW is organizing Blood donation camps in a Bigway. A Blood Bank is being constructed in association with Rotary Club Visakhapatnam South at Gajuwaka.
Meritorious Scholarship Awards GLOW established two meritorious awards at Baruva Degree and Junior College in Srikakulam District.
1. Gouthu Rajamma Meritorious Scholarship Award :
Gouthu Rajamma Meritorious Scholarship Award for Backward Class graduate student, who acquires highest marks amoung other Backward Class students, Gouthu rajamma meritorious scholarship award with a cash prize of Rs.5,116/- and a 25 grms silver medal and a Certificate.
2. Gouthu Yasodamma Meritorious Scholarship Award:
Gouthu Yasodamma Meritorious Scholarship Award for Backward Class students, with a cash prize of Rs.3,116/- a 25 grms silver medal and certificate.
Safe Drinking Water SupplyA water tanker is running in Tekkali Division, srikakulam dist. The protected water is served mainly to kidney affected villages. Cadmium and barium contents are found in the bore water and are not suitable for drinking. GLOW wants to safe guard the health of rural folks.
Fire Accident Relief Kit :Wherever any fire accident takes place in and around tekkali division, srikakulam dist. We are the first to reach the suffered people. A relief kit comprising of cloths, utensils and rice is being distributed.
Village Adoption :Pedanchala a village in Palasa, Srikakulam Dist. And Nagur village in Guruguballi Mandalam, Vizianagaram Dist. are adopted. GLOW is trying to improve the Sanitation, Literacy and Women development in the adopted villages.
Free Medical Camp :GLOW is conducting mobile health check-up camps for the aged who do not have any access to treatment in the rural and remote areas. Under this program, GLOW has undertaken 15 habitations of srikakulam district and treating minor ailments such as Dental, Cough, Vitamin Deficiency, Ulcers etc.. For every camp Doctors are attending to serve the aged people.
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